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make_your_claim's Journal

Make your Claims
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All Members , Moderated
...This is a new community to make a claim. Claims can be just about anything, such as actors, actresses, movies, TV shows, other live journal users, even if someone has claimed a LJ user, you can claim that same persons eyes, hair, smile, attitude, whatever!

Rules, yes there are rules before joining.

The users who have joined before this cut in claims, may keep those claims. However it is now down to 3 claims per user.

1. Become a member.
2. Only 3 claims per user.
3. If you upload pictures or talk off the topic (which I do not care), If its nudity use a LJ cut.
4. Post and interact with other members.
5. Do **NOT** steal anyone's claim, there are plenty of things to claim, if you steal someones claim, your out.
6. You cannot claim yourself.
7. If you make claims, and then leave the community, those claims you have made, are up for grabs.

That's it, pretty simple huh? Yep.

I (Jami) vaticaninflames is your lovely maintainer.

Use this link to see how you do a LJ-cut, and stuff ..


If for some reason you have claimed something and posted it, and it isn't on the claims list, it usually means one or two things;

1. I haven't got around to adding your claim here yet, but it is yours, if two users have requested the same thing, whoever posted first, gets that claim.

2. I'm busy, so don't bug me, like I said, you claim it first in a post, it is yours. I will GET AROUND TO IT, SOONER OR LATER. Thanks.


Please link our banner to help promote this community, you get 2 extra claims!!


*a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/make_your_claim"*
*img src="http://pictures.greatestjournal.com:9876/userimg/19190/69530"border=0*

ALL "*" NEED TO BE CHANGED TO "< OR >" ..if done correctly it should look like this

This purdy button was made by a_fallenstar
Thanks so much!!